• Organization

    Agendas? What are those?

    I bought the Lilly Pulitzer Agenda for this upcoming school year! (My first year of college) My first time buying one was last year and I loved it.  I became obsessed with writing everything down and organizing my life.  This year I considered buying a different brand but decided to stick with the Large Lilly Agenda in Tusk in Sun because I love elephants and I love all the pops of color in the Lilly agendas.  I think the large agenda is the perfect size because there is enough room to write everything down on a busy school day but its not too big that I don’t like carrying it…

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  • Travel

    Rainbow River

    While visiting Florida, my family decided instead of a beach trip to go with a more outdoorsy (or as outdoorsy as it gets for us) approach!  We ended up visiting family in Ocala and they introduced us to an awesome place, Rainbow River!! This river was completely clear and I could see straight to the bottom.  It was definitely an unusual sight considering it was a river and it was reassuring knowing there weren’t any alligators sneaking around the river like many others in Florida.  We decided to snorkel a mile down the river and since it was so crystal clear we could see the many fish and everything around…

  • Life

    Hey everyone!

    It’s been a busy past couple of weeks! I went to the Taylor Swift Concert on 7/11 at MetLife Stadium and it was AWESOME!  It was my first Taylor Swift Concert and I’m so happy I had the chance to go because Taylor puts on an amazing show and she surprised us with…Nick Jonas!!  I’ve loved Nick Jonas for as long as I can remember so I was freaking out when Taylor announced he was coming out to sing with her!  Everyone in the stadium had light up bracelets that lit up with the beat of the music which was super cool because the colors changed for every song.  It…

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  • Life

    What I’m Loving This Week

    One Tree Hill I’m finally on season 8 out of 9 seasons and I can’t believe I’m almost done.  From high school to college, all their experiences are very relatable.  If you love the Gossip Girl/90210 type shows, I would definitely hop on the OTH train.  A major plus to this is all 9 seasons are on Netflix! Sophia Bush’s Instagram Speaking of One Tree Hill, real life actress Sophia Bush (who plays Brooke) is full of motivational quotes and sharing her own personal way of changing the world.  Her Instagram is full of her volunteer work and her ‘Monday Mantras’ which includes a quote to brighten up your Monday.…

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