Room Sneak Peak and the meaning behind it!

    This is my favorite part of my room and a little story behind the insta here.  The colorful cow art on the left is something that I found while on vacation this summer.  I wanted apart of my room to remind me of my home (on the farm!) and this was absolutely perfect.  It also has the prettiest colors in it.  To make things even better, I got it on sale at Alter’d State!  I got the succulent from my cousins bridal shower as a favor and it’s a little reminder of love everyday in my life 🌵  The wedding was the most beautiful event ever and I love having…

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    Give Yourself a Break

    Why am I doing this social media thing again?   I woke up a couple weeks ago and this thought came to mind.   I love writing.  I even hope to one day write a book.  That day that I woke up, I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to continue blogging.   Social media can be so overpowering sometimes when you can’t think of any new ideas for blogging or you seem to be stuck in a place where everyone else is doing fun things and you’re working hard only to find that you’re going to have to pick up some extra shifts at work.  At this point a…

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    Bahamas Trip 2018

    Hi all!  I recently just got back from a trip to the Bahamas.  I went with my boyfriend’s family and I had the best time.  It was my first time being outside of the country besides Canada and super exciting.  I wanted to share a little bit about what we did there.   Palm Cay – New Providence From what we heard, a lot of people tend to stay at Atlantis on Paradise Island.  We decided to stay at a gated community called Palm Key.  It was farther out from downtown Nassau and Atlantis but it was absolutely beautiful.  It was super quiet and relaxed which we really liked about…

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    A Day in My Life: Rita’s High School Graduation

    Hey all!  Up here in New York, it’s graduation weekend for a lot of high schools.  That means that my sister Rita is now…a high school graduate.  She did it!  Friday the 22nd, we all gathered in the high school gym where Rita along with her class of about 70 students all walked across the stage and received their diplomas.  They were such a great class and we are all very excited to see the many accomplishments that they go on to have.  It’s so crazy to think that my sister is now going to be in college!  She’s going to our local community college for her first year or…

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    21st Birthday Basket

    Hey all!  Today, I wanted to share a creative gift that my cousin got me for my 21st birthday.  I was so inspired by it that I was thinking that I’ll do this for my sister’s 21st birthday…and hopefully she’s not reading this.  I think that it would be a cute gift for a roommate or best friend.  It’s definitely a bigger gift but I think that you could downsize it depending on how much you want to spend or how close you are to the person.  Keep reading to see all the super cute things that my cousin included and get some birthday present inspiration! Love ya Katrina! Everything…

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    Life Lessons by 21

    Hi Friends!  Here’s my post of the month that is super basic!  Although there are about what seems like 3748329920 billion different posts that begin with “Things you should know by the age of ..”, I’m still sharing my take on what I think you should know.  This month, I’m celebrating my 21st birthday.  I thought that I would share some of my greatest life lessons that I have began to live by and that mean a lot to me at this point in my life.  They’ve helped me to become the future educator, friend, sister, and daughter that I am today.   Let Go and Let God When I…

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    DIY Inspiration Board

    Hi friends! A while back, I started working on my inspiration board that I have at my desk.  The last time I worked on it was probably at the beginning of college and I decided that I needed to spice it up a little bit.   Here are all the materials that I used for this project: Old Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Scrapbook Paper Cricut Cutter Thumb Tacks Mod Podge Cork Board I left the previous scrapbook paper background that I had on on it since the patterns/colors were relatively neutral.  I also left up the Christmas postcard that I got from Carly back in December! Ahh, I’m still super excited…

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    Writing Your Way to Your Best Blog Life

    Hi Friends!  Today I was thinking to myself that writing seems to be such a struggle sometimes.  I have so many things to say but the words never come out at the right time!  I wanted to share some of my tips that help me the most to write down whatever I need to do. Set aside time. On the days when I think “Oh I can just fit in writing sometime in between my crazy schedule”, I usually don’t end up fitting it in at all… I’ve found that if I set aside an hour or two, I am able to get so much done for my blog from…

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    Blogger Beauties, My Favorite Blogs to Keep Up With.

    Hi Friends! I am back from a little bit of a break while finishing up school and honestly just being a little unmotivated to blog at the time.  Today I wanted to share a couple of my favorite bloggers that I like to read and keep up with.  Some of them focus on fashion while others are more of faith or food blogs.  There’s a little something out there for every corner of my life.   Real Liphe with Steph First up is this girl who I have known since birth! She just recently started blogging and the recipes she blogs about actually make me want to go out right…

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