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Success in College Classes

Hey all! With the start of the new semester coming up, I decided to put together a blog post on the tools that I use to keep my life organized and make sure that I am completing all my work in school. Finding ways toward success in college has worked for me so now I want to share ways that YOU can succeed in your college classes. I’m working towards a dual degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education with a concentration in Mathematics. I hope to eventually be certified in K-12 Mathematics so my classes are a little bit all over the place! I go from studying math to psychology to education classes. Here’s a look into what I do to keep my schoolwork on track.

Get Your Agenda Out

First up, my agenda is my life. I write down my to-do list, meal plans, my work schedule, due-dates for school- meaning I write down literally anything that takes up time during my day. Lilly Pulitzer Agendas are pretty popular in the online community. I have purchased them before and while I love them, that big a purchase has turned into something I typically only do every other year or so. My favorite agendas are from TJ Maxx and you can definitely find one that is perfect for your life and under $5.

2019 Busy as a Bee Agenda

Don’t wait until the Last Minute

Secondly, don’t wait until the last minute. If you wait until the last minute, that means less time for socializing and doing other activities with friends. Plan ahead. Write down important dates for school work and make a mental note of them before you make plans with friends. Chip away at assignments so that you have time to look them over and make corrections. By making sure to revise and correct, you won’t get points off for silly grammatical errors.

Stop Napping and Get to Office Hours

Okay this is one that I really need to work on because I do love napping…

Office hours, office hours, office hours. Your professors have a lot of knowledge about the course. That’s why they’re teaching it. You might not like them in the lecture but if you take some time to see them during office hours, you might have a changed perspective. The professor can give you insight if you’re struggling or advice you on what to do next if you really enjoy the course. Take a half hour out of your day to go to office hours. It can be the deciding factor between a failing or passing grade.

Fun Fact: Your professors actually want to see success in the course and not their whole class failing.

Branch Out

Make friends in your classes. Friends in your classes can help you pass. I love getting together with my friends who are in my math classes. I help them understand topics and they help me understand the ones that I struggle with. In my education classes, there are a lot of group projects. These projects have helped me make friends. Fun Fact: I live with one of my friends who I met through a group text my first year I transferred to my school. It’s funny looking back now because all I really had to do was reach out and introduce myself!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post on succeeding in the classroom. Don’t forget that you are totally capable of getting those grades this semester!