To Those Still In High School

I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the idea that I’m a high school graduate. It seems like just yesterday I was afraid to start high school and now here I am afraid to start college. I had an awesome four years with all of my friends and I hope everyone has such great experiences as I did. With that being said I have some advice for everyone still in High School.

1) Be Friendly To Everyone.

People will change from freshmen to senior year! Interests change and friend groups change. You never know where you might find yourself and it’s interesting to talk to different people. Friendships come from the most unexpected places. I had quite a few friends who were not in my immediate friend group but that I met through sports. Branching out into different extracurricular activities helps not only with college applications but also enjoying high school. Don’t save meeting new people for college, start now!

2) Enjoy Every Moment.

As my last summer with my friends begins, I’ve been feeling very sentimental about how much time I have left before everyone goes their separate ways to college. My friends and I would hangout very often from watching the football and basketball games to hanging out at someone’s house every Friday night. So many of these nights were the unexpected yet unforgettable ones and there’s no way you can experience them from your couch!

3) Don’t Stress About The Future

I spent so long avoiding thinking about what I was going to do after high school that I didn’t really put a lot of thought into it at all. I’m going to my local community college this fall but I wish I spent more time looking into where I wanted to go to school while applying for more scholarships. There are many different people from guidance counselors to parents, teachers, and friends trying to help you while you’re looking at colleges but make it a priority to enjoy exploring all your options.

Have fun everyone!!!


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