What I’m Loving This Week

One Tree Hill

I’m finally on season 8 out of 9 seasons and I can’t believe I’m almost done.  From high school to college, all their experiences are very relatable.  If you love the Gossip Girl/90210 type shows, I would definitely hop on the OTH train.  A major plus to this is all 9 seasons are on Netflix!

Sophia Bush’s Instagram

Speaking of One Tree Hill, real life actress Sophia Bush (who plays Brooke) is full of motivational quotes and sharing her own personal way of changing the world.  Her Instagram is full of her volunteer work and her ‘Monday Mantras’ which includes a quote to brighten up your Monday.  I know I was ready to travel all the way to Africa after seeing all her awesome pictures from her trip. Check it out here! 

Red Bubble Stickers

I recently discovered a large variety of Vineyard Vines whale stickers in different patterns on this website.  They come in different patterns including Lilly Pulitzer patterns!  A huge plus to ordering stickers from this site is once you reach 6 stickers, you only pay half price for each of them!  I’m currently waiting for them to come in but I’ve heard nothing but good reviews from friends who have used this site to purchase stickers.

Let me know what kinds of things you guys have been loving this week!




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