Rainbow River

While visiting Florida, my family decided instead of a beach trip to go with a more outdoorsy (or as outdoorsy as it gets for us) approach!  We ended up visiting family in Ocala and they introduced us to an awesome place, Rainbow River!! This river was completely clear and I could see straight to the bottom.  It was definitely an unusual sight considering it was a river and it was reassuring knowing there weren’t any alligators sneaking around the river like many others in Florida.  We decided to snorkel a mile down the river and since it was so crystal clear we could see the many fish and everything around us.  The river is supplied by many springs so it was cool to be led by our guide to see many of them from extremely small one’s to the biggest one on the river.  There were many other options of things to do on the river like kayak, SUP, or just sitting in a tube floating down the river so there is something for everyone.  My family had so much fun we decided to go back a second day that we hadn’t originally planned on.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is in the Ocala area.

The view from the dock!
The view from the dock!




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