Agendas? What are those?

I bought the Lilly Pulitzer Agenda for this upcoming school year! (My first year of college) My first time buying one was last year and I loved it.  I became obsessed with writing everything down and organizing my life.  This year I considered buying a different brand but decided to stick with the Large Lilly Agenda in Tusk in Sun because I love elephants and I love all the pops of color in the Lilly agendas.  I think the large agenda is the perfect size because there is enough room to write everything down on a busy school day but its not too big that I don’t like carrying it around.


I ordered a pink monogram sticker for the front of my agenda from the Etsy Shop PreppyandProud.  For any type of monogram stickers, I highly recommend them!  The stickers are so easy to apply and it didn’t take a long time to get to me like most monogram items do.  I ordered the 2 inch sticker for my agenda.

This year, one of the new things added to the agendas was a traveling section.  It’s going to be extremely helpful because now I don’t have to make so many notes on Post-It’s and on the To-Do list section of my agenda.  There’s room for four trips so I’ll be covered for any big vacations I might be going on.


This year I decided to start color-coding my agenda with different color pens.  I like to organize each class/part of my life with a different color.  I’m taking four classes this semester so each one has a different color.  I separated other outside of school events into different colors so I will remember to write them down.


Since it’s still summer, I don’t have much going on besides work and hanging out with friends.  For this week, I wrote down some examples of how I organize my life during the school year.  For each class, I write down my assignments in that color pen and I write a little note to myself on the day a big assignment or test is!


How do you organize your agenda? Let me know!




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