Shopkicking it!

It’s safe to say I’m OBSESSED with the app Shopkick!  With this app, there are stores listed that you can earn ‘kicks’ at!  You earn kicks by walking into stores, making purchases, and scanning items.  It’s so much fun to do and you can earn more by inviting your friends.

What can you do with these ‘kicks’?

When you create your shopkick account, you can choose a gift card as your goal.  When you hit that amount of kicks, you earn an egift card on your phone that you can use at the specified store!  You can change your gift card goal at any time before you actually “cash” your kicks in.


Currently I’m working towards a 10$ Sephora gift card!  At first it can be hard to remember to open your shopkick app every time you enter a store, but it really pays off in the end.  In July, I earned two 10$ gift cards to TJ Maxx.  I would definitely recommend this app to any shopaholics out there who are trying to save a little money because it really does add up!

Keep shopping on!




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