Fun Little Things

Hey everyone!

For me, it’s nearly impossible to walk around Target or Home Goods without picking something up and contemplating whether or not to buy it even though I just came in to “look”.  (I hope I’m not the only one with this problem!)  Lately, I seem to find myself coming home with all the little things that I find right before the checkout!

A couple weeks ago I found this pink journal at TJ Maxx and this notebook at Home Goods!

IMG_2859 IMG_2865

I never end up completely going through a journal but they’re an inexpensive way to brighten up a dresser or desk so it works out.  I had an extra monogram sticker at home and it just happened to match my new notebook!

I also found this mug at Home Goods.  Now that I’m a college student and drink coffee ALL the time, I needed a cool mug! (Kidding, I still drink more tea than anything)  Anything with an inspirational quote is always a yes for me!


Here’s a little sneak peak of my new desk decor.  My mom and I are re-doing our office in our house and my desk is now in there so of course I’m decorating my section of the room with everything monogrammed and bright!


What are your favorite little things to buy??




3 thoughts on “Fun Little Things

  1. I’m the exact same way at Target! I come in for one thing, and leave with the cutest little random things to perk up my dorm. I’d keep checking out TJmaxx and HomeGoods too, because their racks change all the time! Most of my room at school is decorated from little things i found around stores like that


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