2017, Bringing it Together

2017.  There are many mixed opinions on how 2017 may have went.  Some loved it.  Some hated it.  For me, it was a time of learning.  I learned a lot about myself.  Here are some of the big areas of my life where I found the most growth.


I was attending my local university that was just not right for me.  I was miserable but still nervous to leave my comfort zone.  The greatest decision I ever made was deciding to apply to a school a little farther away.  It may be a longer commute but I have the major I want with smaller class sizes that actually work for me.


I may not have been surrounding myself with the best people when this year started.  I was constantly unsure of what I was doing and how the people around me made me happy.  Once I began surrounding myself with the people who made me happy, I was in a much better place.


I have always attended yoga classes but on and off with friends so we could get together and socialize.  I wasn’t really in it for the mental and physical health benefits.  I recently began practicing yoga at home and FELL IN LOVE with it.  I could make my own playlists, light candles, and have my own space.  I still enjoy going to class but I now have a different understanding of my own journey through yoga.


I hope you all have had a wonderful year full of love and laughter and that 2018 brings even more.





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