Weekend Update..(Surprise!)

Hey friends!  This past weekend I threw a surprise party for my younger sister.  She just turned 18 on Sunday.  I have never thrown a surprise party for anyone before so it was definitely an exciting time.  I was also never too into party planning but it was awesome! I want to throw parties for everyone I know, now.  She had no idea that anything was different and then she walked downstairs to find all of her friends and her family in the kitchen.  Decorating was one of my favorite parts, I chose a purple and black theme.  I got purple wrapping paper to put on the wall as a little ‘photo booth’ where my sister’s friends could take pictures.  We also blew up SO MANY black and white balloons and put those around the purple wrapping paper and just threw them everywhere. My favorite part was the large number balloons that we got.  I probably took more pictures with the number ‘18’ balloons than my sister did, hahaa.  Hope you all enjoyed this little weekend update.





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