Cross Country Series: Kentucky

Destination: Cumberland Falls State Park

Our first stop was in Kentucky.  When planning our trip, we tried to find places that were along the route where we could stop but also be a pretty cool adventure.  My mom discovered this park in Kentucky, which felt like we were literally lost in the middle of nowhere since we were driving there in the dark.  The lodging that is available here was not your typical hotel.  It had a log cabin type of feel and seemed to be a very family oriented place to stay.  Since we were only in Kentucky for the night, we were lucky enough to also find something going on there at night.  At night, when there is a full moon, and everything has to be just right, a moonbow can occur which is a rainbow, but caused by the moon!  It only occurs during certain circumstances so we set out around 11pm to go catch a glimpse of it but the conditions weren’t the best and we weren’t able to see it.  The next day we went back during the day and saw this huge waterfall in the light.  The only downfall to this that I can find is that there is a huge amount of trash near the waterfall.  This is not due to visitors throwing their trash in but because of surrounding areas who throw their trash in the river and eventually it flowed down.  It was definitely an environmental reminder to myself and my family that all of our trash goes somewhere.


Overall, I would recommend this stop to others if they are looking for an exciting place to stay for a night.  We didn’t get to see the moonbow but since it is the only place in the Western Hemisphere where a moonbow is seen, it’s pretty cool to say that you have been there!


Hope you enjoyed my first post on my Cross Country Travel Series!






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