Cross Country Travel Series: Along the Way

Destination: The Long Drive from Kentucky to New Mexico

After Kentucky which I talked about in my previous blog post, we did not have another stop until New Mexico and these states are pretty far from one another, if you’re not too good at Geography and you didn’t already know that.  We broke this drive up into two days.  The first day we drove to Oklahoma and stayed overnight outside of Oklahoma City and the second day we drove to Albuquerque, New Mexico where we met relatives that we had never even met before!  Along the way, we tried to stop at a couple of places that seemed interesting to break up the time in the car.

First up, we stopped at the National Corvette Museum.  We didn’t go in but stopped by and took pictures of the outside of the building since my dad and Uncle are kind of slightly obsessed with cars, specifically corvettes.  The outside of the building was very unique and I can only imagine what the inside of the museum looks like.

National Corvette Museum

Second, we drove through Nashville.  I have seen so many walls and murals that are picture perfect and a lot of bloggers take pictures in front of them so I wrote down the addresses of a couple of them and we were able to stop and see them as we were driving through.  I will definitely be going back to Nashville.  Although I didn’t see much of the city, I have heard so many wonderful things about it and I definitely want to go back.

Tennessee Murals

Make Music Not War Mural Wall in Tennessee

I Believe in Nashville Wall in Tennessee

Third, Route 66!  Route 66 is full of a lot of cool sights and it was definitely nice to drive on this route for part of the trip.  Specifically, we drove to Shamrock, Texas coincidentally where there is an old Conoco Gas Station where the movie Cars was based off of.  Pretty freakin cool.  We weren’t even planning on stopping here but ended up on this road all because my mom had to find a bathroom.  I’m not mad at her about this bathroom stop compared to the other 500 we had to take on the trip for her! (Ok, not really that many).

Mater from the Movie Cars on Rt

Route 66 Conoco Gas Station

U Drop Inn Route 66

Fourth (this one is my absolute favorite!!!) Amarillo, Texas!!!!! It was super hot at this point and the air and sun felt like they were working together to dehydrate me but this was my favorite road side stop.  In Amarillo, there is a place called Cadillac Ranch where there are several cars partly buried in the ground.  People bring spray paint and write or draw pictures on the cars.  There is such a large amount of people that visit this ranch that at one moment your artwork is there and about an hour later, it can be all covered up by the next person’s spray paint.

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo Texas

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo Texas

Overall, the trip from Kentucky to New Mexico was a very long drive but there were two parts that I really liked.  First, by doing the drive in such a short amount of time, I was better able to see how much the landscape changed from place to place.  Second, I wasn’t bored since we were always looking forward to the next spot on the trip.  I would definitely recommend all of these road side attractions!!!!





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