The Power of a Thank You Note

Hey friends! Today I wanted to share how I’ve been randomly thinking about writing more Thank You Notes.

I always hesitate to write Thank You Notes but honestly they’re one of my favorite kinds of handwritten letters.  Recently, this past semester, one of my professors had us write Thank You cards to someone in our lives who has impacted our transition as transfer students.  She reminded us that someone didn’t necessarily need to give us a physical gift to write them a note.  I honestly struggled to think of someone to write the note to since I can’t remember the last time I wrote a Thank You Note to someone not regarding a physical present that they have given me.  I ended up writing a Thank You Note to my parents but then I was thinking about all the other people I could write thank you notes to: The mother whose children I babysit for who always gives me immense encouragement when it comes to pursuing my teaching goals, my friends who understand that I am constantly busy with school and almost never have time to hangout during the semester yet are still always a phone call away from me, or my boyfriend who always tells me that I can do that really difficult assignment when I am ready to give up.

In today’s society, we are almost always texting or emailing to make plans and say a quick thank you for doing that quick errand or offering words of encouragement but I think it’s important not to forget thank you notes.  For me, they show that someone else was genuinely appreciative of your time and that they shared just a little bit of their own time to offer up thanks.  Since I’ve been a little bit obsessed with Thank You Notes, I thought I would share my favorite place to go to find them!  TJ Maxx is actually the only place I go…big surprise since I can’t resist anything with a good price tag that’s cute! Hope you enjoyed this post and lets get back to writing more Thank You Notes!




21-B Sunrise Apartments8339 Oceanside AveKapolei, Hawaii 39210 (2)




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