Cross Country Travel Series: Arizona and Utah

Destinations: Arizona and Utah

Hey friends!

Soo at this point in the Cross Country Travel Series, we have left New Mexico and are now en route to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon! The part of the Grand Canyon that is in Arizona which we visited is the South Rim.  It was extremely warm in Arizona and I have never been more thankful for air conditioning than I was during this trip across the country.  Hahaaa.  Anyway we drove to the Grand Canyon from Albuquerque and walked around and took so many pictures! On our way out, we even saw an animal (some kind of moose?) very very close to the car.  Katrina literally hopped out of the car while it was moving to make sure that she got a picture.



20842156_10213709944524040_3847445946993088038_nOur next stop was Page, Arizona to stay for the night.  We decided to stay at a hotel outside of Lake Powell which is close to the Grand Canyon and specifically another location in the Grand Canyon, known as Horseshoe Bend.  The weird part about staying on the border of Arizona and Utah was that our phone times kept switching in between one-time zone and the other since Arizona is one hour behind Utah.  Between the time zones and different altitudes, we were a tired group at this point in the trip.  The next morning, my cousin, mom and sister all decided to go see Horseshoe Bend.  Now I very much regret not attending this excursion in the trip but I probably would have been the most miserable little lady for the next week if I hadn’t slept in that day.




After that, we went to Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.  So freakin cool! This was a really hot day since there seemed to be only sand all over the ground and anytime I stepped out into the sun, I felt like I was roasting.  Luckily, a lot of this National Park is driving from stop to stop and then getting out and hiking around a little bit which let me have plenty of rest time and cold water.  During that night, we stayed at Expedition Lodge in Moab, Utah.  The interior decoration was made to look like a retro type room with turquoise appliances but still updated and modern! It was super cute.  There was a hot tub and an outdoor swimming pool with a huge slide! (I didn’t go on it but my cousin and sisters fit right in with the teenagers going down the slide and it was pretty funny).  For dinner that night, we went to the Moab Diner, if you’re going to Moab, I most definitely recommend this diner!  It’s a very popular location for tourists and the staff there is fantastic!




Hope you enjoyed!



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