Reads to Kick off February

Hey friends! Since I posted Reads to Kick off January last month, I thought I would include a couple more of my favorites that I have been reading.  I am all over the place with the different genres that I read but there might be something that you like or you might even want to try reading a new genre!

Hillbilly Elegy

This is a memoir about the author’s life growing up in the rust belt with his parent’s being apart of America’s White Working Class.  It discusses the many issues that families alike may face in this area; the struggle to overcome their upbringing and pursue different goals that they may have never thought were possible.  I was pretty inspired after reading this!!

The Teaching Wars

This one is another fun historical book that focuses on the history of teaching.  I really enjoyed this one as a future teacher since it gave me a look at the progress of teaching throughout the past century in America.  For anyone who is or plans to be in the teaching field, I think this is an important book to get a better sense of how much teachers have overcome and the challenges that we continue to face.

A Man Called Ove

Anddd now here is some fiction! This book made me cry and feel all the feels.  This book is all about finding love in a new way after losing a love one and you can literally feel all the happiness and sadness from all the characters by the end of the book.  Warning: You will feel a wide range of emotions after reading this book!

Keep on Reading friends and let me know of any new favorites that you have had this month.





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