Cross Country Travel Series: Colorado Part 1

Cross Country Travel Series: Colorado (Part 1!)

Destination: Colorado

Hey friends! I’m not even sure what number this is in my cross country travel series but I have been absolutely loving reminiscing on all the adventures that we have had across the country.

Next up in our journey was Colorado.  We were in the state of Colorado for quite a few days.  Our first stop was the Hot Springs.  The ones that we decided to visit were the Iron Mountain Hot Springs.  This was all located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. There are two major locations where the Springs are located that people choose to visit.  Iron Mountain Hot Springs vs Glenwood Springs.  We originally wanted to visit Glenwood Springs but then we had to stop at a McDonalds so my mom could go to the bathroom again….My mom ended up chatting with the McDonalds worker and she recommended that we go to Iron Mountain Hot Springs because it is a more peaceful experience and there are several little pools rather than one big pool where a lot of families with little kids visit so it’s a lot louder (so the McDonalds lady said).  This was one of the best rest stops that my mom could have chosen to take because we absolutely loved the Springs that we decided to visit.

All the little pools had different names and they were different temperatures due to the natural springs that they were coming from.  If you’re in Colorado, Iron Mountain Hot Springs is a must-visit.  It was super relaxing with a fabulous view overlooking the Colorado River.

20953835_10213710073567266_2259231206371751182_nIMG-253820914309_10213710071487214_7511850403666227894_nIron Mountain Hot Springs
Colorado River Overlook

Second up in our Colorado Traveling was Rocky Mountains National Park.  I could talk about how much I love Colorado all day long because the views everywhere that we went were absolutely amazing.  To travel through here, we entered the park from the West Entrance and the view was breathtaking!  The temperatures dropped as we climbed the mountain and we saw lakes high in the mountains that were covered in snow.  One of my favorite hikes that we did was to Emerald Lake.  It wasn’t too hard of a hike minus the huge patch of snow that we had to cross…in July!  For food in Estes Park, the best place that we went to was Cinnamon’s Bakery.  The cinnamon rolls are literally the best in Estes Park.  People line up before they even open because they only make a certain number of cinnamon rolls and you definitely want to make sure that you get one!

Lake Irene, Rocky Mountain National Park IMG-2592IMG-2586IMG-2713IMG-2645
















And that was Part 1 of Colorado, stay tuned for Part 2 next week!!



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