Cross Country Travel Series: Colorado Part 2

Hey friends!

Last blog post, I left off at the Rocky Mountain National Park.  From here, we ventured to Winter Park which is a little ski town to the west of Longmont which was our final destination. We stopped for lunch here to visit my cousin Dave.  He happened to take a little summer adventure out west and was working for the first bar distillery in the country!  We went to lunch and he showed us where he was working which was pretty cool.  He doesn’t currently work there anymore but if was for sure a cool adventure while it lasted.IMG-5207IMG-5199IMG-5200

After Winter Park, we went to Longmount which is a little bit outside of Boulder.  We have some cousins of cousins who live there so we decided to stop and meet them for the first time (which was so awesome!).   Longmont was so cute! It was nice to visit a suburban area in Colorado because most of the areas we had visited were all a little bit in the middle of nowhere.  We also visited a Harley Davidson store out there to get my dad and uncle t-shirts because they ride their motorcycles everywhere in the summer and only wear their Harley shirts!  We drove to visit my mom’s friend who lives in Boulder and stopped to go shopping on Pearl Street.  There were so many cute shops!! If you’re ever in Boulder, Pearl Street is a must-see.  We went to a lot of the little shops and ended up getting our tourist Colorado apparel from the shops here!




After this, we went to go visit my mom’s friend and she had the absolute coolest pool ever.  There was an L shaped pool with a bridge going over the pool so you can jump off the bridge into the pool.  We absolutely loved it.  After this, we met back up with the cousins and got some food from Tokyo Joe’s which is an Asian-style restaurant where you can make your own bowl of food.  It was really good and I’m a little sad that we don’t have this here in Upstate New York.  And that concludes our time in Colorado! Hope you enjoyed my little recap.




and you can check out last week’s post here!

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