Cross Country Travel Series: Colorado to Chicago

Hey friends!  We’re back for another week of my sharing our Cross Country Adventures and we are sadly almost to the end.  In today’s post, we are driving from Colorado to Chicago.  This day was another long day of driving similar to the drive from Kentucky to New Mexico.

In this drive, our big stop was going to be in South Dakota.  We had planned to visit Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.  These were all quick stops on the way to our final destination which was Chicago.  First up was Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.  Mount Rushmore was super cool and was very busy.  It seems like this is a year-round destination for people everywhere to come and visit.  We looked at Mount Rushmore and got some cool pictures here in front of the monument.  Secondly, we went to Crazy Horse.  This is a monument that is still in process as it is completely funded by Native Americans rather than Government funds which Mount Rushmore was built by.  The funny part about going to visit these was that my mom visited Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse in the 1980’s with her family when the progress of Crazy Horse wasn’t even close to where it was now.

Entering Mount Rushmore


Mount Rushmore

Along the way through South Dakota, we saw several different decorated bulls that were so cool.  Definitely a cool characteristic of South Dakota, specifically.

Welcome to South Dakota

Stergus South Dakota


Colorful South Dakota Bull

Blue and Red South Dakota Bull

Next up, we went to Badlands National Park.  This was so different from the other National Parks that we went to since the land was mostly flat compared to everywhere else that we had visited.  My favorite saying at this stop was “Being bad at the Badlands” (Lol, I think I’m pretty funny).  Anyway, this was a super fun stop even though it was extremely windy outside as you can see in the pictures!!

Entering Badlands



Badlands National Park


Badlands South Dakota

Next up was Wisconsin.  My sister and I have literally been talking about getting cheese from Wisconsin for 6 months prior to this trip.  It was amazing.  I also got a shirt from the cute little Cheese Store that we went to and I wear it everywhere.  The cheese curds from Wisconsin are officially better than anywhere else ever.  Big s/out to my friend Mallory for introducing me to Wisconsin cheese in the 6th grade.  You rock.

Pink Elephant Wisconsin

Large cow statue



Hope ya’ll enjoyed this blog post!!!


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