Cross Country Travel Series: Chicago

Hey friends! Here we are in the last post of my Cross Country Travel Series.  It’s been so fun writing about all our experiences and sharing our time with y’all.  I am so happy that so many people have kept up with our travels and been so interested! Here is how Chicago went!

We arrived in Chicago on Friday and stayed in a hotel.  The first night we didn’t do too much since we got there later in the evening.  We did get some Chicago deep dish pizza though!  That was my first time having it and it was super good.  We pretty much relaxed the rest of the night because it was so late.  The next day we woke up early to get ready to go into the city.  Our hotel was extremely busy and it turned out most of our hotel was apart of a huge family that was having a family reunion that weekend.  When we went into the city, we took an uber and I think that it was all of our first times taking an uber so that was pretty exciting.  When we got into the city, there were people walking around the streets looking at their phones.  Sounds like normal people walking while looking at their phones? Not really, they were all looking at the Pokemon Go app on their phone because we just happened to visit Chicago during one of the busiest weekends when there was a National Pokemon Go Festival going on.  It was absolutely crazy.  I’ve never seen anything like it.

IMG_9837 2





Our big event in Chicago was going to see the Willis Tower.  We went all the way up to the Skydeck and it was extremely busy!  The line was pretty long but the view was great.  I am not the biggest fan of heights and elevators so I didn’t like being up at the top for too long.




Overall, Chicago was fun!  There was a lot to see there and the pizza was awesome too!


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