Money Saving Apps for iOS

Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to share a little bit about all the apps that I have on my phone that help me save the most.  As a college student, I am so serious when it comes to saving money.  I work and go to school and I am trying to avoid having a massive amount of debt after I graduate.  Here are some of the apps that I’ve downloaded on my phone and have been using recently to accumulate cash back/ gift cards and organize my finances altogether.  Let me know if there’s anything else that you use that’s super helpful!


I’ve seriously been using this app for so long now so I mean it when I say that it’s an easy way to accumulate points and then gift cards over a period of time.  I’ve talked about this in a blog post before so I’m not going to go into too much detail here.  You can check that post out here.  This is one of the top apps on my list.



This is a new app that I have just recently downloaded.  You get $10 when you first sign up and use my link! Sign up here!   With this app, you can link your credit card or take pictures of your receipts and upload them.  I’ve found that this is great for grocery shopping because most of the items that they are offering cash back on, are items that you’re probably going to be buying anyway.



This is actually a new app that I have never heard of until my friends introduced me to it last night! This app is made for college students so that you can find out what brands will give you a certain percentage off for being a student.  All you have to do is sign up and verify you’re a college student with your college email, and they will give you discount codes for checkout!



This app helps you keep track of where your money is going.  It will show what you’re spending your money on all in one place! This makes it easier to realize what you should be spending less on.  As a college student who works multiple jobs, it’s easier to have everything in one place to make sure that I’m not overspending.


Hope you all enjoyed today’s blog post!





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