Writing Your Way to Your Best Blog Life

Hi Friends!  Today I was thinking to myself that writing seems to be such a struggle sometimes.  I have so many things to say but the words never come out at the right time!  I wanted to share some of my tips that help me the most to write down whatever I need to do.

  1. Set aside time.

On the days when I think “Oh I can just fit in writing sometime in between my crazy schedule”, I usually don’t end up fitting it in at all… I’ve found that if I set aside an hour or two, I am able to get so much done for my blog from coming up with ideas to even planning out the content for one or two blog posts.  I highly recommend making a note to yourself when you’re going to work on writing content for your blog because it will definitely help you stay on track.

IMG_6084 2

  1. If you have an idea, write it down immediately!!

I actually cannot stress this tip enough.  I started down writing down ideas on a piece of paper when I think of something at work and then I would start bringing them home and working on them later.  If you just tell yourself you’ll remember it for later, you might not if you’re as busy as I am and can barely remember what you have to do next.  At the end of a school or work day, I’ll end up having a full list of things that I can work on for my blog and I always feel super inspired!

  1. Write, Write, Write

Make notes in your phone app, write down when you see a pair of cute shoes that you like, make notes that are completely irrelevant when you’re working on a group project at school.  When I get myself in the habit of writing stuff down, I’m more likely to write my ideas down later in the day when I actually need to work on a blog post.  It’s all about getting outside of your head and having the courage to write down all your ideas, even if you think they’re not too good when they first pop in your head.

IMG_6089 2

  1. Give yourself time to relax.

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you probably know I’m obsessed with listening to podcasts.  Almost every podcast interview that I have listened to stresses the importance of giving yourself a break.  You can’t be thinking about your job all the time or you’re not going to improve and grow.  It’s the same for blogging.  If it’s your full time job or just a side hustle, you can’t expect to be able to think of new ideas when you’re thinking of it 24/7.  My best ideas come to me when I’m working out!

IMG_6093 2

Hope you enjoyed all my tips and tricks for writing!  Make sure to start writing and go get started on that blog post that you’ve been putting off!






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