DIY Inspiration Board

Hi friends! A while back, I started working on my inspiration board that I have at my desk.  The last time I worked on it was probably at the beginning of college and I decided that I needed to spice it up a little bit.


Here are all the materials that I used for this project:

Old Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

Scrapbook Paper

Cricut Cutter

Thumb Tacks

Mod Podge

Cork Board

I left the previous scrapbook paper background that I had on on it since the patterns/colors were relatively neutral.  I also left up the Christmas postcard that I got from Carly back in December! Ahh, I’m still super excited that this happened because Carly is my favorite blogger! I had some Jadelynn Brooke Stickers from the last time I ordered a t-shirt and decided to put those up.  I didn’t want to actually stick them on the papers so I just used a thumbtack to put them on the paper.  I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do this so that they can use their stickers as decoration but don’t have to commit to sticking them to one place.

I wanted to put my blog name on my board since it’s one of the things that I always seem to be working on while sitting in front of my inspiration board.  I got a piece of teal scrapbook paper and then cut out the letters using a cricut cutter.  I used mod podge to stick the letters directly on the background paper.


For some reason, I absolutely love using sticky notes to make notes all over my board.  Previously to this little DIY, I had them all over my board.   I write to do lists and stick them on, write passwords, random quotes, and new fashion finds that I want.  I couldn’t fill up every space on here because I definitely needed some more space for sticky notes.

I decided to make three little sections.  I wrote these out with a black sharpie on a piece of an old Lilly Pulitzer agenda.  The first is my To Do List section.  I can now easily write down my to do list and then take it off when it’s completed.


The second one that I have is the clothes to buy section.  I’m not sure if I’m going to cut/print pictures or write a list out but I left plenty of room here so I could do both.


The third section that I have is Goals.  I want to start writing monthly goals so I put up the month of June.  For this, I am probably going to write out each month’s goals on an old piece of my Lilly agenda.  I can’t bring myself to throw them away since they’re such a good alternative for scrapbook paper when I’m doing things like lettering.


I haven’t finished adding everything that I want to here since I like to add these things on a day to day basis so stay tuned for an update when I probably will have the whole board covered in sticky notes!






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