Life Lessons by 21

Hi Friends!  Here’s my post of the month that is super basic!  Although there are about what seems like 3748329920 billion different posts that begin with “Things you should know by the age of ..”, I’m still sharing my take on what I think you should know.  This month, I’m celebrating my 21st birthday.  I thought that I would share some of my greatest life lessons that I have began to live by and that mean a lot to me at this point in my life.  They’ve helped me to become the future educator, friend, sister, and daughter that I am today.


  1. Let Go and Let God

When I went on my first plane ride last year, I was incredibly nervous for no specific reason at all.  My anxiety seemed to escalate after this with a lot of life changes.  When I heard someone say this, it really seemed to stick with me!  This saying has helped me so much to get through any challenges, big or small that I may be going through.

  1. Smile, the world will wonder what you’re up to.

Typically, I’m that person who is always smiling and having a good time, even when I’m at work.  When I may be having an off-day, one of the pharmacists always says this quote to me.  It always makes me smile because if someone is really happy, I am wondering what they’re so happy about.  Let’s all smile a little more because it does really make a big difference to everyone around us.

  1. Completely cutting toxic people out of your life doesn’t make you weak.

Everyone knows their truth and their values.   Whether you choose to acknowledge your own truth and your values is up to you.  When you spend your time with people who share these values with you, you are living your truth.  It doesn’t make you weak to live up to your own values in your life.

  1. Live your Best Life

Okay, I probably say this way too much but actually, live your best life!  There’s no reason to not be at our happiest and enjoying life with the people we love.  I am always trying to live my best life because I wouldn’t want to look back and regret not doing the things that I always wanted to do!

I am honestly at one of the best points in my life, it seems to feel like.  I am surrounded by people that I care about everyday.  I love my job, blogging, and my major in college.  21 is definitely going to be a great year!!




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