Mini Tj Maxx Haul

Hi all!  Today I went to TJ Maxx and wanted to share some of the fun pieces that I found.  I decided to put together a little haul on the blog so that you can see everything that I found right here.  The goal of this shopping trip was to find some cute pieces that I could find to wear on vacation, out with my friends, and to some graduation party events.  I still have plans to make a trip to Marshall’s in the next week to see what I can find there.

I tried on two more dresses but turns out both of them were discounted because they were damaged.  They were only discounted a couple dollars and the damage was enough where I would not be able to wear it without having them professionally fixed so I didn’t bother taking photos of them.

Here’s the first black and white shirt that I found.  It was a size small and slightly cropped.  I didn’t end up buying this because I felt like it was too small and I needed a medium which they didn’t have in this style.


Next, I tried on this red printed romper.  It had a small cut out on the front and I absolutely fell in love with it the minute I tried it on!  I don’t have too many rompers because they typically don’t fit right but this one was perfect.  Definitely head to your local TJ Maxx to see if they have this style there.

IMG_3762 2


The last dress I found was in the swimwear section and classified as a ‘cover up’.  I am going on my first tropical island vacation this summer so my sister convinced me that I absolutely needed something that was a green, leafy print that had pom poms as well.  I’m in shock that I didn’t have anything with pom poms until now and I am soo excited about this most recent purchase.


That sums up my latest shopping trip.  Thank you soo much for reading.  I really appreciate it so much.  Much love to all my readers.





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