A Day in My Life: Rita’s High School Graduation

Hey all!  Up here in New York, it’s graduation weekend for a lot of high schools.  That means that my sister Rita is now…a high school graduate.  She did it!  Friday the 22nd, we all gathered in the high school gym where Rita along with her class of about 70 students all walked across the stage and received their diplomas.  They were such a great class and we are all very excited to see the many accomplishments that they go on to have.  It’s so crazy to think that my sister is now going to be in college!  She’s going to our local community college for her first year or two but is then going to go away to become an Occupational Therapist.



I wanted to share my favorite graduation party idea that I saw.  Rita’s best friend Ashley had the cutest party ever!  My favorite part was the little picture wall that they had set up.  They had a book and a polaroid camera so each guest could take a photo and then place it in the book with a little note for her.  This is such a nice keepsake for the graduate to take with them to college!

IMG_6704         IMG_1596


Congrats to all the Graduates!




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