Bahamas Trip 2018

Hi all!  I recently just got back from a trip to the Bahamas.  I went with my boyfriend’s family and I had the best time.  It was my first time being outside of the country besides Canada and super exciting.  I wanted to share a little bit about what we did there.


Palm Cay – New Providence

From what we heard, a lot of people tend to stay at Atlantis on Paradise Island.  We decided to stay at a gated community called Palm Key.  It was farther out from downtown Nassau and Atlantis but it was absolutely beautiful.  It was super quiet and relaxed which we really liked about it.




On our first night, we decided to go visit the casino at Atlantis.  After visiting, we learned that it was just one of many but it was really cool either way.  We walked around the shops around Atlantis and saw the amazing view at sunset.  It seemed to be a very family oriented location so if you’re going as a family with small children then this would definitely be a good place to stay!




Bahamian Cooking

If you decide to visit Nassau, I would absolutely recommend this restaurant!  It was amazing.  I only ate the baked mac and cheese and it was the best thing I have ever had.  I almost couldn’t finish it because it was so filling.



Café on Parliament

During our shopping and history sightseeing, we got super hungry and Starbucks wasn’t cutting it.  We saw this little café and decided to stop.  It ended up being the best decision ever.  The prices were much cheaper compared to everything else on the island and the food was amazing.  I got strawberry pancakes and they were definitely some of the most amazing strawberry pancakes I have ever had.  I definitely recommend stopping here if you’re out and about shopping in downtown Nassau.


The Queen’s Staircase and Pompey Square

I love learning all about the history of the places I visit and this trip was the same!  These steps were created out of limestone rock between 1793 and 1794.  We climbed up them and that was definitely my workout for the day since they were pretty steep.  After this, we did some shopping and then visited Pompey Square.  Pompey Square has significant history in the Bahamas.  This area specifically was where slaves were brought in and taken throughout the Bahamas.  The square was named after Pompey who led a revolt in the Bahamas, fighting the unfairness.  I actually learned so much history during this vacation!






Sandy Toes – Rose Island

The one excursion that we booked to leave the island that we were staying on was to go to Rose Island.  The ferry for this left off of Paradise Island/Providence and took us about a half an hour away to Rose Island.  There was snorkeling, kayaking and the best part, pigs, available on the island!  We snorkeled for a little bit and then played with the pigs and relaxed on the beach the rest of the day.  It was a fun little trip to another island so now I have visited 3/700 islands of the Bahamas!!



I hope you enjoyed reading all about my vacation to the Bahamas.  If you have ever been, I would love to hear what you did while you were there!






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