Give Yourself a Break

Why am I doing this social media thing again?


I woke up a couple weeks ago and this thought came to mind.


I love writing.  I even hope to one day write a book.  That day that I woke up, I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to continue blogging.


Social media can be so overpowering sometimes when you can’t think of any new ideas for blogging or you seem to be stuck in a place where everyone else is doing fun things and you’re working hard only to find that you’re going to have to pick up some extra shifts at work.  At this point a couple weeks ago, I didn’t even know how to handle my lack of ideas and the fact that I always saw all the fun things that other people were doing when I wasn’t invited or couldn’t go because, of course I was at work.


I decided to take a break.  I deleted all my social media apps, even Snapchat, which I never really counted as social media until I realized it was probably the most addicting one of them all.


Two weeks later, I logged back on.  I feel like I have a clearer mind.  I’m ready to write more on my blog and write more for me.  Taking a break from social media was one of the best decisions that I have made for my mental health.  Social media shouldn’t be a distraction from our daily lives but an extra addition to help encourage us a little more in everything that we do.  If you’re feeling stuck, then give yourself a well deserved break.




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