Room Sneak Peak and the meaning behind it!


This is my favorite part of my room and a little story behind the insta here.  The colorful cow art on the left is something that I found while on vacation this summer.  I wanted apart of my room to remind me of my home (on the farm!) and this was absolutely perfect.  It also has the prettiest colors in it.  To make things even better, I got it on sale at Alter’d State! 

I got the succulent from my cousins bridal shower as a favor and it’s a little reminder of love everyday in my life 🌵  The wedding was the most beautiful event ever and I love having something to remind me of how wonderful life is on a daily basis. 

The last item is this copper print that my grandpa made for me.  He lost his vision as he got older due to macular generation eye disease.  He went to the VA school for the blind a couple years ago and brought this back for me.  It is especially important to me since he passed away almost one year ago.  I think it’s so important to have things that you love surrounding you in your daily life.  These items are things that I look at everyday that actually can make an impact on my day.  Don’t forget to surround yourself with happy things and love.         




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