Get to Know Me

Hey all!  Here’s a fun get to know me post for all those who just started reading or aren’t really sure who the heck I am!

My full name is Elizabeth Irene

I really don’t go by that too often.  The whole reason I started to go by it was I needed something a little longer than only “Liz” to go by so I thought why not throw my first and middle name together!   

wedding selfie

I grew up on a farm! (and still live there!)

The farm life is the life for me.  I literally say it all the time and I’m totally not exaggerating.  I love visiting cities and doing activities around people but there’s nothing like coming home to the peace and quiet and seeing the cows.  #farmgirl4life #SupportAmericasFarmers


I’m an Early Childhood/Elementary Education Dual Major.  

I’m studying to be an elementary teacher with a concentration in math.  I love love learning. You can always find me reading a book about the most random topic which leads me to number 3…

I always have a book in hand.  

Literally, I have three random books in my car “just in case” I need something to do.  My passion for reading started when I was 7 which lead me to start writing and I haven’t stopped since.

If it’s not on sale, I’m not buying it.

I will not buy full priced!  There’s been a couple exceptions over my time spent shopping but I hate wasting money so you’ll most likely see me wait a week or two to see if it goes on sale and if not, then we’re moving on.

I love spending time with my family and friends.

I have an amazing group of friends from high school and we always get together anytime anyone is home from college.  They’re seriously the best (y’all know who you are!)  I always spend time with my family as well.  We’re always having movie nights or taking day trips and there’s always so many laughs.

I have two sisters and they’re my absolute best friends. 

Whenever my parents would see me and my sisters fighting, they would always say “you’re going to be each other’s best friends when you’re older” and they were totally right!  We share clothes (only fighting about it sometimes), hang out all the time, and make up in about two seconds when we fight.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!  I have so much love for this stage of my life and all of the people and things in it.  Always living my best life.





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