Weekend Update

Hi friends! I am so excited to share with you what I have been up to this past weekend.  I decided to go visit my boyfriend.  He currently lives in Buffalo, NY because that is where he is going to school.  I try to go up about once a semester since that’s about all I have time for each semester but its always a fun time!

First up on Friday, we decided to grab a quick dinner from Wegmans.  After that, we spontaneously decided to go see a movie and ended up seeing Game Night.  We really liked this movie!  If you like funny movies with a little bit of action, then this one is for you!  We weren’t really expecting to do much on Friday since we were both finishing up all our work that we had and it was a long day.  On Saturday, we decided to go out looking for murals in Buffalo.  I found this really cute one in downtown Buffalo so I stopped to get some pictures in front of it!IMG_4607


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Next up, we went shopping at the Niagara Shopping Outlets.  I didn’t get anything because I’m not buying any Spring/Summer clothes until I clean out my clothes that I already have but it was so fun to look at the new Spring clothes that stores are putting out.  Kate Spade was having a great sale and there were so many cute finds at Francesca’s Closet.  For dinner, we met up with some friends at 716 which is also in downtown Buffalo.  The food was so good, specifically their buffalo mac and cheese.  I would definitely recommend if you’re ever in Buffalo, New York.  It’s a pretty popular place to go especially if there is any type of sporting event on since they have one huge TV and then several TV screens all over the two floor restaurant showing everything that might be on that night.  After dinner, we absolutely needed ice cream, key word being need.  We decided to go to Hertel Ave Poutine and Cream because we saw that they had some very cool looking sundaes and shakes.  I got this nice shamrock shake that came with a cupcake on top (which my boyfriend ended up eating, thanks for that b).

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On Sunday morning, we went to Paula’s Donuts and I’m not kidding when I say that these donuts were the best and worst thing to happen to me.  They were probably the best donuts that I have ever had but I had to take a nap after since the crash from the sugar high was too real.  Paula’s Donuts is another place that you need to go if you’re ever in the Buffalo area and they have three different locations! Hope you enjoyed my weekend update and I hope that you all are living your best lives.


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Cross Country Travel Series: Chicago

Hey friends! Here we are in the last post of my Cross Country Travel Series.  It’s been so fun writing about all our experiences and sharing our time with y’all.  I am so happy that so many people have kept up with our travels and been so interested! Here is how Chicago went!

We arrived in Chicago on Friday and stayed in a hotel.  The first night we didn’t do too much since we got there later in the evening.  We did get some Chicago deep dish pizza though!  That was my first time having it and it was super good.  We pretty much relaxed the rest of the night because it was so late.  The next day we woke up early to get ready to go into the city.  Our hotel was extremely busy and it turned out most of our hotel was apart of a huge family that was having a family reunion that weekend.  When we went into the city, we took an uber and I think that it was all of our first times taking an uber so that was pretty exciting.  When we got into the city, there were people walking around the streets looking at their phones.  Sounds like normal people walking while looking at their phones? Not really, they were all looking at the Pokemon Go app on their phone because we just happened to visit Chicago during one of the busiest weekends when there was a National Pokemon Go Festival going on.  It was absolutely crazy.  I’ve never seen anything like it.

IMG_9837 2





Our big event in Chicago was going to see the Willis Tower.  We went all the way up to the Skydeck and it was extremely busy!  The line was pretty long but the view was great.  I am not the biggest fan of heights and elevators so I didn’t like being up at the top for too long.




Overall, Chicago was fun!  There was a lot to see there and the pizza was awesome too!


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My Favorite Podcasts

Hey friends!  Today I am going to share with you my most recent podcasts that I have been listening to.  I commute about an hour 5 days a week so I’m all about listening to podcasts to make the time go by a little quicker.  Like my book selection, I listen to pretty much anything so my podcast selection is a little bit all over the place.

First up is From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl

For those of you who don’t know, Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl is one of my biggest inspirations.  She opens up on her feelings and what has been going on in her life on an episode every Friday.  She seriously always has some wisdom to offer even if you’re not too into yoga!


Next is Becoming Fearless Style Collective

Annie Spano is the founder of Style Collective which is an online blogger community that offers endless resources to women and aspiring entrepreneurs.  Annie talks about everything from leaving her toxic job environment to starting her company.  She brings so many great women on the show to talk about their experiences and it’s so inspiring.  It really helps me to assess what I want to get out of my future job and the hard work that I have to do to get there.


And Slowburn A Podcast about Watergate

The topic of the Watergate scandal always stands out to me for some reason when it comes to movies and books and this podcast isn’t any different.  I really like how the story is told from multiple point of views in each episode.  It talks about the lives of many different people that I have never even heard of and how it affected each and every one of them.  This podcast definitely brings out the history geek in me!


Hope you check some of these out and enjoy!



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Cross Country Travel Series: Colorado to Chicago

Hey friends!  We’re back for another week of my sharing our Cross Country Adventures and we are sadly almost to the end.  In today’s post, we are driving from Colorado to Chicago.  This day was another long day of driving similar to the drive from Kentucky to New Mexico.

In this drive, our big stop was going to be in South Dakota.  We had planned to visit Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.  These were all quick stops on the way to our final destination which was Chicago.  First up was Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.  Mount Rushmore was super cool and was very busy.  It seems like this is a year-round destination for people everywhere to come and visit.  We looked at Mount Rushmore and got some cool pictures here in front of the monument.  Secondly, we went to Crazy Horse.  This is a monument that is still in process as it is completely funded by Native Americans rather than Government funds which Mount Rushmore was built by.  The funny part about going to visit these was that my mom visited Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse in the 1980’s with her family when the progress of Crazy Horse wasn’t even close to where it was now.

Entering Mount Rushmore


Mount Rushmore

Along the way through South Dakota, we saw several different decorated bulls that were so cool.  Definitely a cool characteristic of South Dakota, specifically.

Welcome to South Dakota

Stergus South Dakota


Colorful South Dakota Bull

Blue and Red South Dakota Bull

Next up, we went to Badlands National Park.  This was so different from the other National Parks that we went to since the land was mostly flat compared to everywhere else that we had visited.  My favorite saying at this stop was “Being bad at the Badlands” (Lol, I think I’m pretty funny).  Anyway, this was a super fun stop even though it was extremely windy outside as you can see in the pictures!!

Entering Badlands



Badlands National Park


Badlands South Dakota

Next up was Wisconsin.  My sister and I have literally been talking about getting cheese from Wisconsin for 6 months prior to this trip.  It was amazing.  I also got a shirt from the cute little Cheese Store that we went to and I wear it everywhere.  The cheese curds from Wisconsin are officially better than anywhere else ever.  Big s/out to my friend Mallory for introducing me to Wisconsin cheese in the 6th grade.  You rock.

Pink Elephant Wisconsin

Large cow statue



Hope ya’ll enjoyed this blog post!!!


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Cross Country Travel Series: Colorado Part 2

Hey friends!

Last blog post, I left off at the Rocky Mountain National Park.  From here, we ventured to Winter Park which is a little ski town to the west of Longmont which was our final destination. We stopped for lunch here to visit my cousin Dave.  He happened to take a little summer adventure out west and was working for the first bar distillery in the country!  We went to lunch and he showed us where he was working which was pretty cool.  He doesn’t currently work there anymore but if was for sure a cool adventure while it lasted.IMG-5207IMG-5199IMG-5200

After Winter Park, we went to Longmount which is a little bit outside of Boulder.  We have some cousins of cousins who live there so we decided to stop and meet them for the first time (which was so awesome!).   Longmont was so cute! It was nice to visit a suburban area in Colorado because most of the areas we had visited were all a little bit in the middle of nowhere.  We also visited a Harley Davidson store out there to get my dad and uncle t-shirts because they ride their motorcycles everywhere in the summer and only wear their Harley shirts!  We drove to visit my mom’s friend who lives in Boulder and stopped to go shopping on Pearl Street.  There were so many cute shops!! If you’re ever in Boulder, Pearl Street is a must-see.  We went to a lot of the little shops and ended up getting our tourist Colorado apparel from the shops here!




After this, we went to go visit my mom’s friend and she had the absolute coolest pool ever.  There was an L shaped pool with a bridge going over the pool so you can jump off the bridge into the pool.  We absolutely loved it.  After this, we met back up with the cousins and got some food from Tokyo Joe’s which is an Asian-style restaurant where you can make your own bowl of food.  It was really good and I’m a little sad that we don’t have this here in Upstate New York.  And that concludes our time in Colorado! Hope you enjoyed my little recap.




and you can check out last week’s post here!

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Cross Country Travel Series: Colorado Part 1

Cross Country Travel Series: Colorado (Part 1!)

Destination: Colorado

Hey friends! I’m not even sure what number this is in my cross country travel series but I have been absolutely loving reminiscing on all the adventures that we have had across the country.

Next up in our journey was Colorado.  We were in the state of Colorado for quite a few days.  Our first stop was the Hot Springs.  The ones that we decided to visit were the Iron Mountain Hot Springs.  This was all located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. There are two major locations where the Springs are located that people choose to visit.  Iron Mountain Hot Springs vs Glenwood Springs.  We originally wanted to visit Glenwood Springs but then we had to stop at a McDonalds so my mom could go to the bathroom again….My mom ended up chatting with the McDonalds worker and she recommended that we go to Iron Mountain Hot Springs because it is a more peaceful experience and there are several little pools rather than one big pool where a lot of families with little kids visit so it’s a lot louder (so the McDonalds lady said).  This was one of the best rest stops that my mom could have chosen to take because we absolutely loved the Springs that we decided to visit.

All the little pools had different names and they were different temperatures due to the natural springs that they were coming from.  If you’re in Colorado, Iron Mountain Hot Springs is a must-visit.  It was super relaxing with a fabulous view overlooking the Colorado River.

20953835_10213710073567266_2259231206371751182_nIMG-253820914309_10213710071487214_7511850403666227894_nIron Mountain Hot Springs
Colorado River Overlook

Second up in our Colorado Traveling was Rocky Mountains National Park.  I could talk about how much I love Colorado all day long because the views everywhere that we went were absolutely amazing.  To travel through here, we entered the park from the West Entrance and the view was breathtaking!  The temperatures dropped as we climbed the mountain and we saw lakes high in the mountains that were covered in snow.  One of my favorite hikes that we did was to Emerald Lake.  It wasn’t too hard of a hike minus the huge patch of snow that we had to cross…in July!  For food in Estes Park, the best place that we went to was Cinnamon’s Bakery.  The cinnamon rolls are literally the best in Estes Park.  People line up before they even open because they only make a certain number of cinnamon rolls and you definitely want to make sure that you get one!

Lake Irene, Rocky Mountain National Park IMG-2592IMG-2586IMG-2713IMG-2645
















And that was Part 1 of Colorado, stay tuned for Part 2 next week!!



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Cross Country Travel Series: Arizona and Utah

Destinations: Arizona and Utah

Hey friends!

Soo at this point in the Cross Country Travel Series, we have left New Mexico and are now en route to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon! The part of the Grand Canyon that is in Arizona which we visited is the South Rim.  It was extremely warm in Arizona and I have never been more thankful for air conditioning than I was during this trip across the country.  Hahaaa.  Anyway we drove to the Grand Canyon from Albuquerque and walked around and took so many pictures! On our way out, we even saw an animal (some kind of moose?) very very close to the car.  Katrina literally hopped out of the car while it was moving to make sure that she got a picture.



20842156_10213709944524040_3847445946993088038_nOur next stop was Page, Arizona to stay for the night.  We decided to stay at a hotel outside of Lake Powell which is close to the Grand Canyon and specifically another location in the Grand Canyon, known as Horseshoe Bend.  The weird part about staying on the border of Arizona and Utah was that our phone times kept switching in between one-time zone and the other since Arizona is one hour behind Utah.  Between the time zones and different altitudes, we were a tired group at this point in the trip.  The next morning, my cousin, mom and sister all decided to go see Horseshoe Bend.  Now I very much regret not attending this excursion in the trip but I probably would have been the most miserable little lady for the next week if I hadn’t slept in that day.




After that, we went to Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.  So freakin cool! This was a really hot day since there seemed to be only sand all over the ground and anytime I stepped out into the sun, I felt like I was roasting.  Luckily, a lot of this National Park is driving from stop to stop and then getting out and hiking around a little bit which let me have plenty of rest time and cold water.  During that night, we stayed at Expedition Lodge in Moab, Utah.  The interior decoration was made to look like a retro type room with turquoise appliances but still updated and modern! It was super cute.  There was a hot tub and an outdoor swimming pool with a huge slide! (I didn’t go on it but my cousin and sisters fit right in with the teenagers going down the slide and it was pretty funny).  For dinner that night, we went to the Moab Diner, if you’re going to Moab, I most definitely recommend this diner!  It’s a very popular location for tourists and the staff there is fantastic!




Hope you enjoyed!



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