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    January Reads

    I’m a big reader. One of my goals for this year was to make sure that I’m reading a little bit each day. I’ve definitely accomplished that for this first month! Eight books in one month and I feel like I am totally on a roll for reading in 2019. Here’s What I’ve Read So Far *These images are affiliate links meaning I may receive a small amount when products are purchased.* I’ve absolutely loved all of these books.  I’m a little bit on the fence about whether or not I’ll read another Dean Koontz book because some of them are just not for me but I did enjoy the…

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    Success in College Classes

    Hey all! With the start of the new semester coming up, I decided to put together a blog post on the tools that I use to keep my life organized and make sure that I am completing all my work in school. Finding ways toward success in college has worked for me so now I want to share ways that YOU can succeed in your college classes. I’m working towards a dual degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education with a concentration in Mathematics. I hope to eventually be certified in K-12 Mathematics so my classes are a little bit all over the place! I go from studying math to…

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    Berry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

    Hey all! Today, I am going to share my Berry Smoothie bowl that I make at home!  It’s only 7 ingredients and a quick breakfast to make before you’re heading off to work or class. I love making this because it keeps me full until lunch and it only takes me about 10 minutes total with cleanup. In other words, it’s totally doable on a busy morning! Keep reading to find out how I make this! P.S. If you’re vegan, this recipe is for YOU! Ingredients 1+ 1/2 C. Mixed Berry Frozen Fruit (Blueberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry)- I bought mine at Wegmans 1 C. Coconut Water 1 Banana 1 TBSP. Berry Protein…

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    Simple Statement Earrings – Under $8!

    Target always has the cutest earrings and these ones that I just recently found are no exception. I wear them all the time! They’re perfect for a night out or paired with a sweater and leggings on a casual day. I can’t stand when earrings are too heavy on my ears and I love that I can barely feel these ones at all. They come in a couple different colors but I have the white/gold color. I would definitely recommend them if you’re looking for a simple but fancy earring. Wear these earrings for: A night out with friends Date Night A Day at Work With a casual outfit

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    5 Steps to a Healthier, Happier YOU

    I recently decided that I am going to make health and fitness a bigger part of my life.  I didn’t wake up and automatically have the drive to do it. It’s been a process! I’m going to share my steps that I have come up with to become a healthier, more active person. Join an accountability group For me, I decided that I needed to have an online fitness coach and be apart of an online group that would keep me accountable.  It seriously works wonders! The girls in my group are constantly posting things that they’re accomplishing throughout their day and you feel the motivation to do the same.…

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    At Home Nails – The Best Salon Gel Alternative

    Hey all! If you’re in college and love having nice gel nails but without the price of a gel manicure then this post is for YOU.  I was in the exact same position my freshman year of college. At that point, I was actually spending the money on a gel manicure about once a month and that was not a habit that my part-time job could keep up with.  I decided that I needed to figure out how I could do my nails on my own so that I wasn’t spending all my money on a manicure. My Essie and Sally Hansen nail routine came to the rescue. I do…

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    Winter Bucket List

    Over the next month, I decided there are a couple things that I want to do before I go back to school.  Hopefully we get some snow so that I can accomplish my Winter Bucket List. It’s only snowed a couple of times and it’s currently almost 40 degrees! Praying for a little bit of actual Winter Weather. Go Snowmobiling Go Sledding Play in the snow with my dog Have a photoshoot outdoors Drink Hot Cocoa (I cannot believe that I haven’t done this yet) Go Ice Skating Attend a hockey game Let me know if you have any fun Winter Bucket List Activities to complete! XOXO, Liz

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    New Year’s Resolutions

    Happy Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers out there (Readers meaning my mom and someone who accidentally stumbled upon my blog)! I decided that I wanted to post about my New Year’s Resolutions.  I have loved reading everyone else’s and so I thought that I would brainstorm a couple of things that I want to accomplish. I don’t have a strict list that I plan on following but I do have a couple of personal habits that I hope to include in my daily life!  Keep reading if you’re intrigued by New Year’s Resolutions!! Be Present I hear this all the time.  All the freakin time. You know…

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    Fall Fashion Guide – Amazon Edition

    Hi all! Welcome to my Fall Fashion Guide- Amazon Edition! There are soo many options for online clothes shopping.  I feel like amazon is always on another level due to their 2 day Prime Shipping. I really live for it.  If you read my Get to Know Me Post which you can find here. I always love a good deal when I’m shopping so Amazon seemed like the perfect first choice to make a fall fashion guide for- Enjoy! Lucky Brand Women’s Mid Rise Lolita Skinnyjean in Madeira Ivanka Trump Women’s Ankle Length Double Waist Band Compresion Pant Vince Camuto GITAN Crossbody, Spiced Brown AELSON Women’s Casual Long Sleeve Shirt…

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    Get to Know Me

    Hey all!  Here’s a fun get to know me post for all those who just started reading or aren’t really sure who the heck I am! My full name is Elizabeth Irene I really don’t go by that too often.  The whole reason I started to go by it was I needed something a little longer than only “Liz” to go by so I thought why not throw my first and middle name together!    I grew up on a farm! (and still live there!) The farm life is the life for me.  I literally say it all the time and I’m totally not exaggerating.  I love visiting cities and…